I am Sudath Mahadivulwewa. A Film Director from Sri Lanka.

Creating narratives moving image has been the passion in my life.

At the age of twenty one I set off on my maiden Tele- film creation with my first large scale creative venture into the world of television through a tele-film series, thus becoming the “Youngest Director in Sri Lanka” in general, but more particularly competing successfully for equal viewer ship with stalwarts of Sri Lankan filmdom Dr. Lester James Pieris – the father of Sri Lanka cinema, and Dr. Dharmasena Pathiraja – the pioneer of socio-political cinema in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka National Youth Council Services’ recognition of my ability in creativity were symbolized in the year 1989 through their awards for “The Best Film Script” and “Best Documentary Script” Further, my analytical ability, coupled with confidence paved the way for me to achieve success in the related fields of TV Commercials, Social awareness campaigns, Documentaries, Tele films & feature film with awards been received for each and every category during my 18 years of experience for clients in government, semi-government, INGOs’ NGO’s and Private Sector organizations.

Awards & Achievements,

Starting with the National Youth Council Services award, I have been awarded the prestigious State Telefilm & Documentary, OCIC International and Presidential awards.

However, what I consider to be most rewarding is the fact that most of these awards winning efforts ensured a worthy social discourse in the Sri Lankan society.

Knowledge, Experience and uniqueness,

The absence of a film school in Sri Lanka forced me to look beyond the traditional classroom education for knowledge. Therefore, I challenged myself to make the society itself my classroom. My uniqueness is born of this very fact as Sri Lankan society is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic in it’s diversity as a country in the developing world. Due to this precise factor, I am different from the traditional school product, making me to seek, understand and recreate the uncommon.
Concept development through research and handle social issues with deep social concern in to a given subject ,gave me in my journalist experience.

Motivation through visual stories and discipline in professional life got from the adverting.

These experiences culminated in my feature film “Shades of Ash” that highlights the devastating consequences of a thirty year war on a lost and forgotten society that is torn asunder in this process of the war. I wished my film to open a space in society for a discourse of this war. Even though the film was shunned by the Army for its depiction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers it did open a discourse at many layers of society.

Gutenberg film fund, Sweden 2004 recognized my work and made my dram a reality.

About my Dream.

I seriously believe that with a professional knowledge of medium, along with a serious concern on social problems, much devotion to humanity. We can make a better society through visual medium.

No matter witch part of the world, what color?
But for me visual is my communication,
Society is my canvas.
Opportunity is my art.
This is me & my story,

Sudath Mahaadivulwewa

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