Little Monk

A feature film


Director’s vision

What is Little Monk

It is a method of meditation on death based on Buddhist philosophy. This film too is a meditation. …..a journey in to the depths of Impermanence in which the cycle of life turns. Yet this film which deals with the ascetics of Buddhist philosophy is not a sterile one which is devoid of human emotions. Rather, it places these very human emotions and feelings at its core through pulsating and vivid visuals of a monk’s journey of becoming through life, as he grapples with desire, sadness and the question of death.

Why is ‘Little Monk’ important to our lives at this present moment

Life in the modern world has increasingly turned on a certain materialism in which the basic themes of birth, life and death have been made invisible. In Buddhist countries Buddhism has been appropriated into nationalist ideologies.

Thus, the need to bring into the foreground the themes of birth, life and death through pure Buddhist philosophy.

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